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Track by Track follows the story of Kendall Collins, an 18-year-old sketch artist with autism who is on the brink of adulthood. As he prepares for college and promotes his artwork, he must learn to navigate the practicalities of everyday life. Kendall struggles with the tension between the sanctuary of his sketched world and an unknown future in the world of adults. But using his passion for trains and art, he begins to lay tracks for the journey ahead.

Running Time: 15:25

Country / Year: USA, 2012

Format: HD Video

Background Information:
An estimated one in every 110 children is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), making it the second most common developmental disability after intellectual disability. Today approximately 1.5 million individuals in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide are affected by ASDs, which are defined by a) deficits in reciprocal social interactions and communication and b) the presence of unusual, restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests. The first generation of autistic youths who have benefited from progress in therapies and educational opportunities are now entering adulthood. In the next five years alone, 200,000 autistic teenagers in the US are predicted to come of age. But after they leave secondary school, there is little support and few opportunities with less than 10% holding even part-time jobs. 18-year-old Kendall Collins is one of the 200,000 traveling an unpaved course into the future. Track by Track speaks to the challenges faced by an unprecedented number of autistic youths as they enter adulthood.

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a film by
Anna Moot-Levin

Kendall Collins

Dana Collins
Brad Collins
Candace Collins

cinematography & edited by
Anna Moot-Levin

additional cinematography & sound by
Adam J. Smith

additional sound by
Duygu Eruçman

faculty advisors
Jan Krawitz
Kris Samuelson
Johnny Symons

music by
David Mendez

technical assistance
Christian Gainsley
Mark Urbanek

color correction
Brook Hinton

sound mix
Dan Olmsted

very special thanks to
The Collins Family
Firat Bozçali
The Golden Gate Railroad Museum
David Hensarling
Kristi Hall
Porterville High School
Steve Graybehl
Loretta Slocum
The Porterville Historical Museum
Sheila Pickrell
Merced College
Anne Newins
Veronica Oforlea
Linda Moot & Andrew Levin

Pauline Meachem
Paul Donatelli
Laura Green
Tijana Petrović
Paul Meyers
Sara Mott
Lizzie Rose
Helen Hood Scheer
Town & Country Market, Porterville
California State Railroad Museum
Paul Hammond
Pati Brown
Phil Sexton
Roman Gonzalez

made possible in part by a grant from
The Enersen Foundation

Produced in the
Documentary Film and Video MFA Program
Department of Art & Art History
Stanford University